About Me

Born in Naples, Italy, in 1977, Antonio Velardo dreamed of traveling around the world once he completed his high school studies. But as opposed to being a mere tourist, like many other teenagers, Velardo envisioned learning how to fly, so he could transport himself to far-flung destinations.

Learning to Fly

At the age of 19, Velardo took a leap of faith and moved to Florida to get his FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) commercial pilot’s license. After a few years, he completed courses at the Phoenix East Aviation School in Daytona Beach and received his multi-engine instrumental commercial pilot’s license. Following this certification, he returned to Europe to enroll at the Capua Aeroschool in Italy to upgrade his license for certification by the JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities), a European regulatory body.

Once he accomplished this, Velardo began living the dreams of his youth, flying around the world as a commercial pilot, residing in numerous foreign countries, and experiencing diverse cultures “in search of answers,” as he put it.

After much reflection, Velardo realized that despite his love of flying, the lifestyle of a pilot didn’t satisfy him; in fact, flying was what was keeping him from truly “spreading his wings” and establishing a spiritually rewarding career.

Back to School

Once he had this epiphany, Velardo went back to school — this time to Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, graduating from his school with top honors. But Velardo didn’t become a civil engineer; instead, he followed his heart and went into the real estate business.

Real Estate

Velardo began working in property sales in Spain and Cape Verde. He quickly rose to the top of his organization and soon started developing his projects in Italy and North Africa.

In Tunisia, Velardo serves as president of Real Capital Ventures, a $50 million property investment vehicle that develops apartment/hotel complexes and full-service residential projects with high net cash flows.

As a successful real estate investor, Velardo expanded his operations to the rest of Europe and the United States after the financial crisis of 2008. In the U.S., his companies purchased distressed assets from various banks and transformed them into positive cash-flow investments.

Currently, Velardo serves as the chairman of several ventures related to the development and management of low-risk, high-return real estate ventures aimed at funding select, proven, cash flow-producing assets for individual investors. His ventures have a superior track record of high ROI (returns on investment) from rent and sales of prime residential real estate projects in Florida including Miami, and other places.

Additional Studies

Continuing to indulge in his love of learning, Velardo, in addition to completing concurrent studies in markets, risk management, corporate finance, and other business-related topics Velardo studied Value Investing at Columbia Business School in New York City.

Latin American Business Investments

As an active entrepreneur, Velardo travels constantly, seeking out new business opportunities. His travels have led him to Latin America and the Caribbean, where he maintains an assortment of investments in an array of high-performing ventures.

Using established methods, Antonio Velardo invests in low-volatility assets within a secure framework that guarantees steady and growing cash flows throughout all economic cycles and market conditions.

A Future in Digital Currency

Endowed with a clear vision of the future merger of finance and real estate, Velardo has been aggressively studying blockchain technology. He recently graduated from Oxford University’s blockchain strategy program and is currently working toward obtaining a master’s degree in digital currency and finance from Nicosia University in Cyprus, one of the firsts blockchain-focused high degree diplomas in the world.


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